Relational Database At A Glance With PostgreSQL

Database 101

A database stores data

  1. Searches
  2. Simultaneous updates and reads
  3. Access control
  1. Traffic management for the data
  2. Manage concurrency
  3. Provide other features

ACID compliance

Atomicity — Store data in an all-or-nothing approach.

Database transactions

A transaction is a unit of work.

Beginning (BEGIN;)
Ending (END;) results in one of the following:
COMMIT; (save everything)
ROLLBACK; (undo all changes, and save nothing)

PostgreSQL 101

PostgreSQL meets all the requirements to be a fully ACID-compliant, transactional database. To accomplish this, many database and computer science concepts are implemented. The focus of the course is to illustrate PostgreSQL internals and the effects they have on the end user.

PostgreSQL features

ACID compliant
Transactional (uses WAL/REDO)
Multi version concurrency control (readers don’t block writers)

Postgres Database limitations



PostgreSQL is an enterprise class, open source relational database management system.



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